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Why choose Vlive Miami

We are best new thingy that has happen to south beach Miami Florida. We are located right on South beach shore line. The view is spectacular, not to mention our sunny year round climate. So what You waiting for, get your game on right and book your event today!

Fully loaded with drinks and soul food.

Being an Afro American bistro, we have some of the best soul food and slushee's. Every thing from chitlins to 26 slushee flavors to choose from. Not to mention our Vlive dancers hostesses.

The ONLY Strip club / Night Club.

We are the ONLY Strip Club / Night Club right on Miami South beach. #TheVenue is large enough to cater to over 5000. We have dance stage, 10,000 watts of pounding music, and so much more...

Fully featured dance stage.

Come out and #GetFamiliar with our Vlive dancers, enjoy the coolest atmosphere on south beach. take a dip in the ocean then visit at #TheVenue something you will ONLY be able to do @VliveMiami.

Hello I'm Akinyele Adams, Owner / Founder of Vlive Miami former boss @KOD now on south beach Ocean drive.
Akinyele Adams
Owner / Founder
Hello I'm Norman Flecha, web programmer by choice & Adult business Administrator by trade. In the Adult industry for over 25 years.
Norman Flecha
Hello, I'm The Vlive BOT, your personal online assistant, dedicated to getting people into #TheVenue & setting an awesome atmosphere.
Vlive Bot
Web Platform
Akinyele Adams Owner / Founder Norman Flecha Programmer Vlive Bot Web Platform